Kroken Lab publications


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Postdoc / Kroken Lab transitional publications

Kroken AR, Klein KA, Mitchell PS, Nieto V, Jedel EJ, Evans DJ, Fleiszig SMJ. Intracellular replication of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in epithelial cells requires suppression of the caspase-4 inflammasome. mSphere. 2023 Aug 17:e0035123. PMID: 37589460

Abby's postdoc publications

Kroken AR, Gajenthra Kumar N, Yahr TL, Smith BE, Nieto V, Horneman H, Evans DJ, Fleiszig SMJ. Exotoxin S secreted by internalized Pseudomonas aeruginosa delays lytic host cell death. PLOS Pathogens. 2022. Feb 7;18(2):e1010306. PMID: 35130333.

Kumar NG, Nieto V, Kroken AR, Jedel E, Grosser MR, Hallsten ME, Mettrucio MME, Yahr TL, Evans DJ, Fleiszig SMJ. Pseudomonas aeruginosa Can Diversify after Host Cell Invasion to Establish Multiple Intracellular Niches. mBio. 2022 Nov 14:e0274222. PMID: 36374039.

Wan SJ, Datta A, Flandrin O, Metruccio MME, Ma S, Nieto V, Kroken AR, Hill RZ, Bautista DM, Evans DJ, Fleiszig SMJ. Nerve-associated transient receptor potential ion channels can contribute to intrinsic resistance to bacterial adhesion in vivo. 2021. FASEB J 35:e21899. doi: 10.1096/fj.202100874R. PMID: 34569661

Szczotka-Flynn LB, Shovlin JP, Schnider CM, Caffery BE, Alfonso EC, Carnt NA, Chalmers RL, Collier S, Jacobs DS, Joslin CE, Kroken AR, Lakkis C, Pearlman E, Schein OD, Stapleton F, Tu E, Willcox MDP. American Academy of Optometry Microbial Keratitis Think Tank. 2021. Optom Vis Sci 98(3), 182–198. PMID: 33771951

Fleiszig SMJ, Kroken AR, Nieto V, Grosser MR, Wan SJ, Metruccio MME, Evans DJ. Contact lens-related corneal infection: Intrinsic resistance and its compromise. 2019. Prog Retin Eye Res Nov 20; 100804. PMID: 31756497

Nieto V, Kroken AR, Grosser MR, Smith BE, Metruccio MME, Hagan P, Hallsten ME, Evans DJ, Fleiszig, SMJ. A novel form of intracellular bacterial motility performed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 2019. MBio Aug 20;10(4). pii: e02880-18. PMID: 31431558

Metruccio MME, Wan SJ, Horneman H, Kroken AR, Sullivan AB, Truong TN, Mun JJ, Tam CKP, Frith R, Welsh L, George MD, Morris CA, Evans DJ, Fleiszig SMJ. A novel murine model for contact lens wear reveals clandestine IL-1R dependent corneal parainflammation and susceptibility to microbial keratitis upon inoculation with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 2018. Ocul Surf 17 (1), 119-133. PMID: 30439473

Kroken AR, Chen CK,  Evans DJ, Yahr, TL, Fleiszig SMJ. The impact of ExoS on Pseudomonas aeruginosa internalization by epithelial cells is independent of fleQ and correlates with bistability of type three secretion system gene expression. 2018. MBio May 1;9(3). pii: e00668-18. PMID: 29717012

Abby's graduate school publications

Kroken AR, Blum FC, Zuverink M, Barbieri JT. Entry of Botulinum neurotoxin subtype A variants into neurons. 2016. Infection and Immunity 85(1), e00795-16. PMID: 27795365

Przedpelski A, Tepp W,  Kroken AR, Fu Z, Kim JJ, Johnson EA, Barbieri JT. Enhancing the Protective Immune Response against Botulism. 2013. Infection and Immunity 81 (7), 2638-2644. PMID: 23670557

Blum FC, Chen C, Kroken AR, Barbieri JT. Tetanus Toxin and Botulinum Toxin A utilize unique mechanisms to enter neurons of the central nervous system. 2012. Infection and Immunity 80 (5), 1662-1669. PMID: 22392932

Kroken AR, Karalewitz AP, Fu Z, Kim JJ, Barbieri JT. Novel Ganglioside-mediated Entry of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype D into Neurons. 2011. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (30), 26828-26837. PMID: 21632541

Kroken AR, Karalewitz AP, Fu Z, Baldwin MR, Kim JJ, Barbieri JT. Unique ganglioside binding by Botulinum Neurotoxins C and D-SA. 2011. FEBS Journal 278 (23), 4486-4496. PMID: 21554541

Karalewitz AP1, Kroken AR1, Fu Z, Baldwin MR, Kim JJ, Barbieri JT. Identification of a Unique Ganglioside Binding Loop within Botulinum Neurotoxins C and D-SA. 2010. Biochemistry 49 (37), 8117-8126. PMID: 20731382 

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